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Carrot-vore cyber bunny with twinkling eyes

by matthias.m.wolf

Published on June 30, 2015

This is a carrot-vore cyber bunny with twinkling eyes which wags its tail and rings a small bell every time you pet it. Great use of the Makey Makey module! This was one of many cool projects of Bits'n'Beatz on June 20th, 2015 in Munich.

Credits: Andreas Schäfer, Peter Mayer

How To Make It


Build the circuit Connect the bits as follows: Power + split + (pressure sensor + servo + servo) + (Makey Makey + wire + long led). Set the servos to turn mode.


Attach the bell and scut Hide the pressure sensor and the servos under the ribbon collar and attach one servo to the bell of the bunny using a paper clip or another piece of wire. Using some brown pipe cleaner create a nice scut and attach it to the second servo. Hide it under some easter grass near the rear end of your bunny. This way every time you touch the pressure sensor the bell rings and the bunny wags its tail.


Plug in your carrot Attach an alligator clip between a carrot and the contact which corresponds to the output bitsnap you used to connect the long led.


We need earth Take a second alligator clip and connect it to an earth contact. The other end of the clip shall be connected to a piece of aluminum foil which can be hidden somewhere near the snout of the bunny.


LIGHT! Take a small drill or screw driver to make two holes. The first one is to get the led into the bunny (on the opposite side of the blinking eye; this should be hidden rather good). The other one is made where the eye is. Position the long led as shown in the image above.


Add power. Connect a battery, turn everything on and see your bunny ring its bell and wag its tail while happily twinkling its eyes.

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