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by Noam!

Published on August 21, 2016

this invention will entertain your cat for hours!

you can put it on auto mode (with the light sensor)

or play with him manuly (with the dimmer)

Duration: 10 minuts

How To Make It


get your box ready stick two "shoes" to your box
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make the remote control connect the power to the slide dimmer connect the slide dimmer to the wireless transmitter connect all of that to the mountain board
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make the moving part connect the power to the wireless receiver connect the wireless receiver to the DC motor (the motor needs to be on var) connect the DC motor to the "shoes" you put on the box in step one connect the mechanical arm to the DC motor put some feathers and strings on the mechanical arm put all of that on a mountain board (except of the DC motor of course) and glue all of that to the upper side of the box with glue dots
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make the auto version (optional) do the same thing but put the light sensor and the bargraph instead of the slide dimmer but you need to put the light sensor in a place with direct light that your cat can block

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