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Chomps the Angler Fish #MakeItMove

by augiedog08

Published on February 26, 2018

It chomps things

How To Make It


Get a peice of cardboard and then trace and cut out the top and bottom jaw.


In the bottom jaw, split the cardboard in half and insert the servo arm into the slit.


Get a paperclip and unfold it so that it is a straight wire thing.


Bend the paperclip and weave it in and out of the servo and cardboard. It should stay in place.


Put some hot glue on to the paperclip to make it stay there.


Get a usb power bit and next to it, put a Cloudbit. Next to that, attach the servo. Then next to the servo, add a wire connecting to a long LED. tape the wires to the back and tape it so that the LED is poking out of the head like a angler fish's Esca. (the esca is the glowy thing on its head)


Go to to play around with Chomps the Angler Fish.



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