Cloud-controlled laser cat toy #shapebits

by jpenning

Published on March 15, 2015

A cloud-controlled dual red-dot laser toy to entertain feline friends from far away. A 3d printed servo mount  (#shapebits) sits atop a Joby gorillapod. A Proto module runs two 5v lasers.The cloud bit controls the servo and lasers simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

How To Make It


Get some lasers! I ordered these off Amazon, but I don't see them listed there anymore for the moment. Here is a link to some that look very similar on Ebay ( The lasers are listed as 5V, but mine begin to operate at 3.3V. They are rated to draw only 40ma each.


Attach the lasers to the servo arm. As you can see from the pictures, I decided to stick the wires of the lasers through the holes in the servo arm before I connected them to the protoModule. I may design another 3d printable piece that attaches to the servo arm that holds the lasers, but it works okay by just sticking the wires though the servo arm holes.


Wire the lasers up to the protoModule. The lasers are wired in parallel. Check out the pictures to see which screw terminal to use for each wire.


Connect up everything and test it! Connect the following modules from left to right in this order and attach them to the mounting board: USB power, CloudBit, Servo, Wire module, Proto module (with lasers). Plug up the USB Power module to the USB wall adaptor. Fire up the cloudbit control app by logging into your littlebits account and selecting 'cloud control'. Move the slider control from left to right, the servos should turn on immediately and the lasers will begin to operate at about 60% power.


Print the servo mount and attach it to the Joby gorilla pod. The STL file has a hole designed in the bottom so that you can insert the screw (with larger adaptor included with Joby tripod) from the Joby tripod into it. The fit is a little tight, but snug. If too small let me know I will augment the design to fit a bit better. Use a small screw to attach the servo to the 3d printed servo mount.


Attach the mounting board to the tripod. I used rubber bands and binder clips, not elegant but effective!


Play with your cats from far away!

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