cloudBit Untethered!

by jeffriv

Published on March 21, 2015

Want to control your project with the cloudBit, but you don't want it to be tied to a wall outlet? Use the wireless bits to help you untether your cloud control.

Credits: Original idea to untether came from my 5th-grade student Gavin H. He wanted to make an internet-controlled RC car and came up with the idea on his own. The car in this project isn't his, though; I re-created it.

How To Make It


Select a location for your cloud interface. This can be plugged in anywhere within wireless range (~100 feet/30m) of your untethered project.


Build the cloud interface: USB power > cloudBit > LED (optional) > wireless transmitter. (Optional LED bit lets you be sure your cloudBit is sending.)


Build your untethered project: Battery power > wireless receiver > [your output bits]. Make sure your cloud interface and project bits are hooked up to the same channel on the wireless bits. I used channel 2 for both. For the Internet RC car in this project, the output bits are: [bar graph > DC motor]. You could have anything you want here though, like more lights, servos, sound and more. Instead of an RC car, it could be an animal feeder that's outdoors and not near an outlet, an internet-controlled wig you can dance in, or anything else you can imagine.


Control your project via the internet. You could use the littleBits cloud control web page as in this example, or trigger cloudBit output with IFTTT.

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