Congratulations...You Played Yourself

by arjun_littleBits

Published on April 1, 2016

"Don't ever play yourself" -DJ Khaled.

Use Bits from the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit & the Smart Home Kit to set up a motion triggered prank to make any unsuspecting prankee play themselves.

"They don't want us to Rick Roll you"

Duration: 30 min

How To Make It


Set up motion triggered circuit The circuit on the wall is activated using the littleBits motion trigger. On a mounting board, connect a power to a motion trigger, then split the signal, one end going to a wireless transmitter and the other end going to an mp3 player and a speaker. I've attached the mp3 of Khaled + Rick Astley.
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Picture 1


Set up servo-powered confetti dropper The motion trigger will send signal to the wireless transmitter which will tell the receiver to turn the servo. On a mounting board, connect a power to a wireless receiver, then to a servo. Use the servo mount to place the motor onto the board. Attached the servo hub & arm to the motor and stick a cup at the end. You can use whatever material you want to fall on your victim: confetti, water, glitter, tar, dirt, slime, diet mountain dew, origami elephants, spiders. You name it!
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Picture 1


Hide a camera and wait The motion trigger will play your mp3 & then the servo will drop whatever you want onto your victim. Record your prank and upload it to the littleBits projects page!

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