Controlling Philips Hue Lighting with the Cloud Module

by RichB

Published on July 23, 2014

One of the many companies providing IFTTT support for their products is Philips with its "Hue" lighting system.  This project uses two littleBits cloud modules to turn the Hue lights on or off.  Philips IFTTT does provide several lighting action options not available on the iPhone/Android apps, including blinking the lights and changing them to a color of your choice.

This project requires two cloud modules, as the same trigger cannot be used to both turn the lights on and turn them off.  One cloud module, when triggered, turns the lights on, while the other module turns them off when triggered.

Note that Belkin also has a system with IFTTT support for home electrics.  It's WeMo switch allows you to control most any electric/electronic items you wish in your home, and you can do so with littleBits cloud triggers.

View the video by clicking the link below to see the littleBits cloud project in action. 

How To Make It


Construct the circuit shown in the "Circuit" photo above. The buttons are used to trigger the cloud modules. The two rgb LEDs are optional, but do provide visual evidence that you have pressed a button.


Create the two recipes shown in the "Recipes" figure above.

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