by MathildaGarn

Published on May 18, 2018

Don't you ever worry about your cat impossible to feed himself where you're away from home ? Don't you ever worry about which cat eats in the bowl ? We found the solution.

Croq'cat is a creative way to make sure everything is doing well with your cat.s while you're away :

- a little speedwalk to bring the food from the container to the cat.

- a small camera which takes pictures every time the food goes down ; to see which cat is asking for it.

- a connected system to a news feed and dropbox.





Duration: 2h

How To Make It


Build the speedwalk. Assemblate all the components to match the picture. Then, put some elastics on it to build the speedwalk for the food.
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Make the timer. Code and assemblate.
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Assemblate all. Make the whole box.
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