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Disco Ball

by sjmommie

Published on March 1, 2017

Simple disco ball using foil and a motor bit.

Duration: 45 minutes

How To Make It


Design the Box - Select a box - Cut a slit in the bottom - Push the tethered motor through the slit while the magnetic end is still in the box
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Making the Ball - Start with a styrofoam ball - Wrap it in foil - Attach foil ball to the MotorBit (stick and MotorMate are optional)
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Attach the Power - Connect the IR receiver bit in between the motor and power bits - Add wire or splitter bits if needed - Set the box up on a shelf with the IR bit hanging out
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Setup the lights - On a separate power bit, add LED bits - Point the lights at the foil ball
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Power on, Lights Off, PARTY TIME!!! - Turn on the power bits - Turn off the room lights - ENJOY!
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