Disco Ball

by ichowmille

Published on March 16, 2017

  This paragraph will explain how we made our disco ball. First we got two hollow half styrofoam balls ,and spray painted them purple. Then we drilled holes ,and put sparkling things on it . We place our circuit with lots of bright LED lights inside so they would shine out of the holes. The little bits we used were a battery, a power bit, a split bit and five long LED lights . That's how Maddie , Gabriella,and I made our project.

- Ava

Duration: 10 hours from brainstorming to finish.

How To Make It


Spray Paint We spray painted the two halves of the styrofoam ball purple.
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Drill Holes Our teacher gave us a safety lesson on how to use the power drill and we drilled holes in the ball.
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Decorate We added glitter and some other stuff to the ball. We had placed tiny mirrors inside but that didn't work out to reflect the light like we thought so we took them out.
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Assemble the circuit We placed the circuit and battery inside the ball and put it together with some tape to hold it in place. Finally we added the string to hang and spin it.
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Dance in the dark! We went into a dark room, hung the ball, turned the circuit on, played some music and danced!
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