by candicecourtain

Published on May 18, 2018

Our project is a robot that produces several sounds and songs. This robot is remotely controlled thanks to its telephone and the robot's face reacts to the sound it produces.

Link : https://youtu.be/_9PcDxxJPjQ

Insta: _robotdisco

Facebook: RobotDisco

Duration: 12 hours

How To Make It


Stage 1: We are here in the discovery of the littlesbits, we begin to realize the mechanism to make the machine roll.
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Stage 2: On this stage, we managed to move the robot and make it turn left and right. We tested sounds to make music.
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Stage 3: In step 3, we started building the robot body to hide the mechanism. We found the mechanism to make music in our robot and we added a button to play.
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Stage 4: In step 4, we continued the robot body by coloring the objects, we added the head, the guetho-blaster (for radio-cassette), the arms etc.... We added the music mechanism in our mechanism to make the machine run.
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Final : Our RobotDisco is finally finished with our mechanism for movement, and for music.
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