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disney inspired UP house

by the three J's and S

Published on November 29, 2016

Presenting the house from the movie UP.  We can fly this house around inside our house!

Duration: two day project

How To Make It


creating the house Cut out a long rectangle from card stock paper and hot glue the ends together. Remove a section from the box formed to create a porch cavity then hot glue another piece of paper in for the porch. Bend another section of paper into the shape of the popped out front room. Cut out a roof and glue it on top of the house. Add a hollow paper chimney(it needs to be hollow because some of the balloons will be fed through it). Draw onto the house windows, or any other details you may want to add. Paint the whole house using many different colours.
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the sail Cut a sail from a colourful plastic bag roughly twice the size of the house. Hot glue a bamboo skewer on either side of the sail and trim off the extra,leaving a little room to stick through servo arm hole. Attach a toothpick to one of the skewers, then hot glue it into the small servo hole. Attach the other skewer to the big servo hole by sticking it in and then stuffing the extra room with paper towel. Make sure it is secure as air will be blowing against it.
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the remote control circuit Connect the power bit to the slider,then to the wireless transmitter.
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the house sail circuit Connect the power bit to the wireless receiver then to the servo. Attach the servo arm with the sail.
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Attaching the circuit Squeeze the battery into the popped out porch section. Use sticky shoes to glue the connected circuit inside the house. Glue the servo contraption to the side of the house making sure that the sail is on the right angle to swivel properly.
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The balloons This part is a little bit crazy. Find a way to get your hands on about 25 helium balloons(just as a rough guide,each balloon can carry about 5 grams). Stick some of them through the chimney and attach the rest of them however you need to in order to equalize the house's weight. Tape their ribbons together. Note: if possible get your helium balloons coated with HI-float. Ours lost helium really quickly without it in about 4 hours the house was sinking.
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Flight Use the remote control's slider to swivel the sail. We used a hair dryer to create a strong breeze. So there you have it, a flying house.
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