Doc Brown’s Automatic Dog Feeder

by hirumi_littleBits

Published on October 20, 2015

Feed your trusty side-kick while you perfect your time-traveling skills!

 It buzzes every time you trigger a treat so your pet will always know when it is feeding time.

You can either feed your pet remotely by pressing the button in Cloud Control(on your phone or computer) or you can set up an automated feeding schedule through IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements.

How it works:

Any time the feeder receives a signal through the cloudBit, the servo is activated. A food container [with a small hole in its side] is attached to the servo. When the servo turns, a few pellets/kibble/treats drop out of the container and into a bowl. You can adjust the hole and size of the container accordingly depending on whether you are feeding a cat, dog, or fish.

You can activate the servo remotely in a couple different ways. You can either use the littleBits button in Cloud Control to send a single pulse to the cloudBit, activating the servo. Or, you could use an IFTTT channel, like Date & Time to automate the feeding at times you set.

This project is a remix of the Remote Pet Feeder project by littleBits. 

Duration: 60 minutes


How To Make It


Build the circuit and set up your cloudBit if you haven’t already.
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Make sure the green light is solid on your cloudBit!


Test your circuit. When you press the button on Cloud Control, your servo should turn, the bargraph should light up, and the buzzer will sound. You can also try setting up a recipe with IFTTT to automate the interaction.
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Mount your circuit to the mounting board. Gently remove the servo hub by hand, and set it aside for later.
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Picture 1


Make the stand for the smart pet feeder out of cardboard. You can print the “Stand” template from the "Additional Files" section on this page.
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Fold the template and attach the tabs to a mounting board with Glue Dots. ___
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Assemble the Servo Mount. ---
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Slide the servo in from the side.

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Screw the servo to the mount with 2 #6 screws.


Make the food container. --
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We used a mini Pringles can, but you can use any small, lightweight container. We cut our Pringles can down to be a little shorter.

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Easy to fill with a press on lid.

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Cut a small hole in the side of the container. This is where the food will fall out when the servo turns. Make sure it is big enough for the treats to fall through.


Use strong double-sided tape [like VHB] to fix the container to the servo hub. --
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You can also bolt the container to the servo hub like we did for a stronger connection.


Mount the Servo Mount to the front of the stand with 2 adhesive shoes. Then test your circuit and make sure that the treats fall when the servo tips the container. --
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You may find you need to reposition the container. To do this, simple pull the servo hub off the servo, rotate it, and press it back on in the correct orientation.


Now you can feed your dear dog remotely! You can activate the feeder in a couple different ways. You can either use the littleBits button in Cloud Control to send a single pulse to the cloudBit, activating the servo. Or, you could use an IFTTT channel, like Date & Time to automate the feeding at times you set.
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