Docteur 51

by shingo92

Published on April 20, 2018

Doctor 51 takes the same idea of the famous game Doctor Maboul.

The game is in the form of an operating table, with an alien patient pierced with cavities occupied by plastic elements designating the organs of the alien. On the patient's forehead there is a led that lights up in case of failure. The goal of the game is to collect the most organs while performing surgical operations. The game is lost when the score reaches 9.

How To Make It


All the steps Step 1 plug the battery to the power. Step 2 plug the power to the makeymakey Step 3 plug the makey makey to the buzzer Step 4 plug the buzzer to the fork Step 5 fork 1 to wire then wire to bargraph Step 6 fork 2 to wire 2 wire then LED matrix Step 7 in the makey makey one plier to earth then to the aluminum Step 8 makey makey's left arrow to your plier Step 9 create a body with holes to put aluminum and bones into.
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