Dog Off the Couch!

by jeffriv

Published on March 3, 2015

My dog likes to get up on the furniture... but only when I'm away! I want to discourage her from being there, and track when she does it (right after I leave the house, or later?).

I upcycled an old soccer ball. The roller switch is placed between the couch cushions, and the ball rests on it. When Fido nudges the ball out of the way, the switch activates. A buzzer goes off to scare the dog off the couch, and the cloudBit sends me an email so I can note the time.

This "alpha" version could be improved. Once the buzzer goes on it stays on, and eventually the dog could get used to the noise and get back up on the couch--or the noise could just annoy the neighbors! A timeout could be used to turn the buzzer off after a while.

It's also a one-shot use. Once the soccer ball is moved, it can't be replaced unless you're home. Maybe a bungee cord could return the ball to its place, or a different sort of sensor (bend or pressure) could be used to detect Fido on the cushions.

How To Make It


Build the circut: USB Power + roller switch + wire x4 + buzzer + cloudBit


Run the power cord over the back of the couch or somewhere out of the way, so that it reaches to a convenient crack in the couch cushions.


attach the USB power bit and roller switch and settle them between two couch cushions with the roller switch arm sticking out a bit--just enough so if you set the soccer ball on top, the switch is closed.


Run the wire bits from the switch output around and up the back of the couch with the power cord or to some other out of the way location where the dog won't pull it out.


Set the soccer ball on top of the switch to keep it closed.


Add a recipe on If This Then That: If (cloudBit receives input) then (send email)


Wait for dog to jump on the couch and knock the soccer ball off the switch!

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