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Double Duster!

by MusicGirlLC

Published on March 5, 2018

We’ve all had that moment where our list of chores take longer than the hours in a day. We’ve also had that moment where we just want to move on with our cleaning, and get to the fun stuff. Well, with the Double Duster, faster cleaning is within reach. The Double Duster is a robot that has 2 arms- a revolving duster and an alternating duster. This way, not only can your Double Duster dust 2 things at once, you can go and clean something else. Before you know it, you’ll be done with cleaning- and onto the fun stuff!

Duration: 2 Hours or less

How To Make It


Part 1: Circuit
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Start with your Power Bit and your Slide Dimmer.
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Add your Split Wire.
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On one side of the spilt, add your Servo with the hub and the arm. On the other, add your Motor with your wheel.
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Part 2: Robot Construction
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Find a shoebox. A regular cardboard box works too, but a shoebox would be easier. Once you have one, face it vertically and open it.
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Trace and cut a hole halfway up the box about the size of your motor.
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On the bottom of the other side, cut a hole that’s about twice as tall as your motor.
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Finally, cut a hole at the bottom of the box. I already had a hole, so I just had to add to it.
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Part 3: Putting The Circuit Into The Robot
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Snap your Power, Slide Dimmer, and Split Wire onto the board. You don’t have do this, it just helps to keep things organized.
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Put this in your box.
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Thread one end of the Split Wire through the hole. Connect this to the Servo.
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Attach the Servo to the hole. You can even thread the Servo bit and Wire Spit back through the hole and put it back on the board.
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Attach the other end of the Wire Split to the Motor. Take off the wheel for now.
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Grab 2 duster covers.
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Thread the Motor through the other hole and put on the wheel.
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Tape one duster cover onto the Servo arm.
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Tape the other to the Wheel.
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You did it! Feel free to decorate, or maybe try putting different things on the Wheel and Servo! Whatever you do, I’d love to see. Please comment your remixes below- thanks for building!
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