Dynamic Mini Golf

by QuentinR

Published on April 13, 2018

We have created and designed a dynamic mini golf. There are two different parts, the mill with a moving propeller and a connected golf-club which counts the number of shots. This number is shown throught a display panel. There is also a light which will switch on when the ball goes throught the mill.

Duration: 5-6 hours

How To Make It


Construction of scenery First of all, you have to create your playground with a lot of carton. Then, you have to build the mill with the propeller. You have to do a little hole in the mill's facade for the motor which will make the propeller spin. There is also a gutter which bring back the ball to the player. You need: -cutter -carton


The propeller motor. Now, you have to create the circuit which makes the propeller spin. You have to put the circuit inside the mill You need: -dc motor -power -wire


The Light. So, now you have to create another circuit which will switch on the light when the ball goes throught the mill. Then, you have to put the circuit inside the mil to hide it. You need : -wire -motion trigger -power -rgb led


The connected golf-club To create the connected golf-club you have to download the app : "LittleBits" and connect it to the BLE. Then you have to plug in the display panel (LED matrix). You need : -USB cable -USB power -BLE -LED matrix -wire

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