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Easter Spin friend

by mhinvent

Published on April 11, 2017

For easter greetings!

Duration: 10 min and up

How To Make It


Build the circuit attach the power bit to the slide dimmer & DC motor. press circuit on mounting board. (attach battery also. to do this, i used Glue dots and tape.)
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Scene Board bend the green paper and attach it with glue dots so it goes from the power bit to the DC motor.
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Scene Board (continued) place a piece of green paper on top of the other and tape it. place another piece same direction as the mounting board on top.
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Decorate! now for the fun part! add the rabbit and sign! to make the rabbit, draw, color, cut out, and make toothpicks stand it up! same for the sign! add stuff like bushes, piles of easter eggs, and more!
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