Easy Musical Ornament #HackYourHoliday

by Mel

Published on December 12, 2014

A very-easy-to-make musical ornament that can play anything from your kids (or you!) singing "Jingle Bells" to Madonna's version of "Santa Baby."  Surprise everyone Christmas morning with music straight from the Christmas tree!

Perfect craft project to do with a young child.


How To Make It


Download your favourite Christmas music into your phone or MP3 player. Better yet, record your child singing their favourite song now, and they'll hopefully forget by Christmas morning. When they come downstairs on the 25th, they'll get a big surprise hearing their own voice coming from the tree.


Decorate the front of the plastic plate with glitter, sequins, and art stones. Make it colourful!


Punch a hole in the top and attached some twine so your ornament can hang on the tree.


Build your circuit and attach to the back of the plate with painter's tape.


Hang your ornament on the tree.


When you're ready to play your music, plug in your phone, turn on the power bit, and hit play. Now rock around the Christmas tree!

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