Explorer Light

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Illuminate your summer adventures with this handy light!

This project was made with our Summer Fun Bundle designed to keep you busy with fun, easy projects while The Heat is On. Each project uses easy-to-find household objects, so you won’t have to exert yourself while it’s Hot! Hot! Hot! 

How To Make It


Let's make the circuit! Take a power module and connect the battery cable and 9V battery to it. Be sure that the teeny on/off switch on the power module is switched to "on". Next, assemble the circuit: power + wire + bright led.


Find a plastic cup and paint it! We painted ours black.


Rubberband the battery cable so that it forms a loop.


Using a box cutter or scissors, cut a hole on the side of the cup and pass the loop through. This will be a handle for your Adventure Light. Take string and wrap it around the handle's base so that it stays in place.


Assemble the Bits inside of the cup.


Trace the wider end of the cup on cardboard. Then cut the circle you traced out so that fits on top of the cup. You can trim the circle down a little bit so that it fits snugly inside of the cup. Then, cover the circle in aluminum foil, this will help reflect the light.


Place the cup face down so you are looking at the base. Cut two holes on either side of the base. Then weave a piece of string through both holes. The string will act as a necklace so that you can wear the light anywhere. (Tip: when weaving the string through the holes, secure it over the powerBit in the cup for extra stability.)  


Place the bright led on top of the cardboard circle. You can tape it in place or poke holes in the cardboard to fit the Bit feet. You can glue the cardboard circle in place with hot glue or create 4 tabs to keep it in place like we did. 


You're ready to go! Wear your Explorer Light around your neck and take it with you the next time you're out on an adventure. 

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