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Fan of Fortune

by monty_littleBits

Published on October 3, 2016

A SPINNING FAN CAN DO MORE THAN BLOW AIR. Could yours predict the future? Just shake your phone to activate the spinner and let fate decide your future. Ask the Fan of Fortune any question - we just hope you're a fan of the answer! 


These instructions correspond to the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit: 2nd Edition. If you have the first edition of the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, please refer to those instructions. They can be found here.



  • The p1 power Bit provides electricity to the circuit.
  • The w30 Bluetooth low energy Bit is connected to the controls on your smart device via Bluetooth. The controls in the littleBits Invent App determine how much signal the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit passes on to the next Bit.
  • The o13 fan spins at top speed when it receives full signal. When it stops receiving signal, the fan will slow down and eventually stop at any one of four positions.


When you're done building your invention, keep the fun going by following the Invention Cycle below!


PLAY: Ask away! Set up a stand and start predicting the fortune of your family and friends. 


REMIX: Make your invention do more than tell fortunes!

  • IMPART MORE WISDOM. Try using it to guide your game, choose your dinner, or inform your shirt choice for the day.
  • SWITCH IT UP. What other controls can you use to tell your fortune?
  • CAPTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE. Try adding a spiral to the fan for a hypnotizing effect.


SHARE: Recruit some clientele! Make a video to promote your Fan of Fortune and upload it to the littleBits Invent App.


Duration: 15 minutes minimum

How To Make It


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PRESS YOUR CIRCUIT ONTO THE MOUNTING BOARD. Check out mounting board tips & tricks here.
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MAKE A MAT WITH FOUR OPTIONS FOR YOUR FAN OF FORTUNE. Put one option on each edge of the paper.
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MAKE AN ARROW FOR THE CENTER OF THE FAN. Make sure it points to an edge of the fan.
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ATTACH THE FAN TO THE CENTER OF THE MAT. The edges of the fan should be parallel to the edges of the mat.
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TRY YOUR LUCK. Connect the Fan of Fortune to SHAKE control using the littleBits Bluetooth Low Energy Bit Controls. Shaking your device should cause the fan to start spinning, and stop spinning soon after you stop shaking. Use the shake control to see what the Fates have in store for you!
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