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Fire Control - Remote controlling your fireplace

by mrmossevig

Published on December 17, 2016

This is an easy way to control your pellet stove remotely and scheduling it, so your home is always warm at the right time.

It's using the Switch Bit to connect to the pellet stove. That way I can set it up to turn on every morning before I get out of bed and turn off again when I leave for work.

If I decide to leave work early, I'll just send it an e-mail and it's nice and warm already when I get home.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


Assemble the pieces Snap the pieces together and put them on a mounting board. I screwed the mounting boards to the wall, but that's not really necessary. The button was supposed to be for local control, but failed as the IFTTT integration does not support "Switch output" and the input of the CloudBit is too unstable, causing too many false triggers.
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Connect the pellet stove My pellet stove has an input that's supposed to be used for a thermostat controlling it according to temperature. I used this input to turn it on and off remotely instead. The signal voltage is 50V so I had to create a Switch Bit with a solid state relay to control it.
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Set up IFTTT Then enable IFTTT integration. I have a couple of receipes for turning it on and off at given times, in addition to two e-mail rules using the tags #ON and #OFF to control the pellet stove on the fly.
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