Fireflies - ZenBabe

by devincifablab

Published on March 11, 2016

Fireflies is happy to present you ZenBabe, a connected night light for your babies that will help them and also you, to sleep peacefully. This revolutionnary night light can be controled at distance with a remote controller and this light can turn on itself. The intensity of the lamp decreases over time and can be triggered by a button.

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Remote Controller :

- Battery 9 volts

- Fork

- Two i3 Buttons

- An Arduino

- A Wireless Transmitter

The Led Part :

- Battery 9 volts

- A Wireless Receiver

- A   L.E.D

Engine of the rotating tray :

- Battery 9 volts

- A Wireless Receiver

- A D.C Motor

H O W   T O   M A K E   I T 

Step 1 : Construction

  Connect the battery to the wireless receiver (for the Engine and the LED parts), then u just have to connect the wireless receiver to the engine and led. The engine and the LED are the easiest mechanics of the night light. For the remote controller it’s a bit harder ; After have been connect the battery to the Fork with 3 output : Connect the buttons to the output 1 & 3 and put them an Arduino. Then add the wireless transmitter to the Arduino to send the orders to the two receiver. 

Step 2 : Design

  3 parts : A Kirby in papercraft, a remote controller in carton, and finally a little box in plastic under the night light. 

Step 3 : How to use it

  There is 2 buttons on the remote controller, the first one is used to turn on the engine, and the second one will dim the light of the « ZenBabe », and let us make the rest.

The link of our Vine video of our project :

Duration: 4 days

Credits: Clément LHOPITAL Yohan LECUYER Maxime LEFEVRE Valentin GRAVIER Louis LANDREAU

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