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Fisheye Night City Rounded by a UFO!

by adapt

Published on April 23, 2014

Our first city auto-motorized with UFO included using:
– Extra wire to enlarge the access of lights
– A motor module for the UFO movement
– A 136 micro sequencer
– Bargraph light led connected with a simple micro light white led.
– A beauty girlfriend drawing a little dark-neighborhood.


How To Make It


Build the Circuit: Power + DC Motor + Wire + Bargraph + LED


Create a skyline or city view on a black sheet of paper using a white crayon.


Draw and Cut a small UFO from a black sheet of paper.


Connect 4 toothpicks together to resemble a cross. Once crossed, tape them all together.


Tie a piece of string around the end of one of the toothpicks and feed the other end of the string through the UFO.


Mount the LED and Bargraph to the back sheet of the paper.


Poke holes through the paper to resemble stars.


Connect the toothpicks to the DC Motor.


Mount the DC Motor above the picture.


Power up the circuit and watch the city glow and the UFO float across the sky!

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