Food clock

by Mr. Awesome Rocks

Published on December 30, 2015

A clock that tells you when it's time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Duration: 30 minutes

How To Make It


Building the circuit Build this circuit: usb power+cloudBit+servo.
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Setting up the servo. First, put the servo in turn mode. Then, take off the original servo motor mate thing and replace it with the one that looks like the picture.
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Getting the clock face ready If your clock face isn't already blank, take a piece of blank paper and trim it so it fits on your clock face, then glue it on with a glue stick. Then, cut a hole in the bottom of your clock face that is big enough for your servo to stay in but not go through.


Pull your servo through the hole Pull your servo through the hole, with the green module part going through first. Then push a straw onto the motor mate and cut the straw so it doesn't stick outside of the clock face. Tape the straw on.


Getting the "times" set up Go to Little Bits cloud control, and go to the second send page. Put a sticky note on the place the straw points to at these levels of output: 0 (breakfast), 50 (lunch), and 100 (dinner). Then write the "times" in.
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Finishing the project Tape the little bits into the bottom of the box, and cut a hole for the wire. Then use the embed IFTTT recipes from below.
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