Football for 4 players

by nvias.org

Published on June 11, 2018

this football uses the littlebits code kit app feature. the program lasted for 9 hours and the appearance lasted 12 hours. 6 children worked. we used 2 code kits on it, it's 2 independent parts of football (1 half = 1 code kit) for 1 whole football.

It was designed, built and programmed by Jan, Ondrej, Simon, Tadeas, Tobik & Vitek

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/GVM5fkMSWTc

Duration: 21 Hours

How To Make It


Soccer goal & Goal keeper You need carton & Button & glue gun
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Playground 1st design on paper & built you need fruit box & carton & fusible gun
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Programme & circuit You need codekit app & you can download codekit programme https://shop.littlebits.com/pages/code-kit-download
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Play & have fun Now you have to get 4 player - 2 for goal keepers and 2 for shooters. And have fun
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Trouble shooting You will have lot's of troubles during the invention. Here is our check list - sorry only in czech
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