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Forget Me Not!

by MusicGirlLC

Published on March 7, 2017

Let's face it- we've all had those moments where we've forgotten something really important. Even though we write ourselves notes, set reminders on our phones, and ask other people to remind us, we can never really trust that will work. My newest LittleBits inventions for the "Illuminating Inventions" challenge will fix all of that. Put the Forget Me Not right next to your door. When you step on the pressure sensor, it will trigger the 09 Bargraph Bit (lights), the 06 Buzzer (sound), and the 011 Servo, which will wave its arm with a sign saying "Don't Forget Your ______whatever you usually forget______". Continue to the steps to build the Forget Me Not!

How To Make It


Start with your Power Bit.
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Now attach the i11 Pressure Sensor.
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Next, attach the 09 Bargraph.
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After that, attach the 06 Buzzer.
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Finally, attach the Servo. Make sure that you screw the arm onto the Servo- this will be crucial.
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Set aside your circuit. Now, take a piece of sturdy paper about the side of an index card.
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Write what you don't want to forget on your card. I used homework as an example.
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Take your circuit back out. On te arm of the Servo, put something that sticks on both sides (i.e. double sided tape, glue dots, or this sticky blue putty that I used). This will be where the index card goes.
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Attach your card.
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Put your circuit by your door and attach the Servo to a nearby wall.
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Power on your circuit and test it out! Step on the Pressure Sensor and see what happens!
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