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FPD-1 (Food Protector Droid)

by WilliamSamAndMom

Published on August 31, 2017

The Food Protector Droid protects food from thieves.  A person places food that is to be protected (e.g. a bowl of popcorn) underneath the Droid's bent-over frame.  While the person steps away, the Droid protects the food by standing guard over it.  If a thief tries to steal the food, the Droid detects the thief's hand, sounds an alarm, and spins his arms to protect the food and scare the thief away.

To see how it's made, check out our step-by-step instructions, or view our instructional video here:  https://youtu.be/-aje8c5N6Uw


Duration: 1-2 hours

How To Make It


Gather Pieces Gather the pieces to make the Droid’s frame. For FPD-1 we used the following Bits and accessories: P1 power Bit & battery mount, proximity sensor Bit, wire Bit, control hub Bit, DC motor Bit, mounting block, wheel frame, drive gear, axle, spike gear, & Droid legs.
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Put Together the Frame Attach the mounting block to the wheel frame, making sure that it snaps into place.
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Attach Arms Hold the drive gear in place while inserting the axle through the holding mechanism in the wheel frame. Attach the arms to each end of the axle.
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Attach DC Motor Attach DC motor (with spike gear attachment) to wheel frame. Line up spike gear with drive gear, snap DC motor into the holding mechanism on the wheel frame. Switch DC motor setting to CW (clockwise).
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Attach Legs Attach the Droid’s legs to the mounting block (snap legs into bottom 4 holes on each side of the mounting block).
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Attach Proximity Sensor Connect the proximity sensor Bit to the power Bit. Connect the wire Bit to the other side of the proximity sensor Bit. Attach these Bits to front of the Droid (right above where the legs are attached).
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Attach Control Hub Attach the DC motor Bit to port 1 of the control hub (this is the port that Mission 14: “Intruder Alarm” controls). Attach these Bits, along with the battery mount, to the back side of the Droid.
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Connect Control Hub to littleBits Droid Inventor App Connect the control hub Bit to the littleBits Droid Inventor App. To do this, first power on the Bits, then start the app. Go to the “Droid Controls” on the main screen of the app. Test the connection by playing a sound. Once the connection is established, go to mission 14 and scroll past the setup until you get to the Droid Control screen. Test to make sure everything is working by placing your hand in front of the proximity sensor Bit. If the Droid is correctly set up and connected, then the Droid will start spinning his arms and sounding an alarm.
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Cut Out Armor Now let’s give FPD-1 some personality by adding some armor (poster board). First, cut a long strip of poster board 3” wide (same width as the mounting block). Next, cut a slot so that the marker holder on the wheel frame can be slipped through the poster board. Make sure you leave several inches of excess poster board, we’ll cut off the excess later. Make a crease right below the slot. Make another crease in the opposite direction about 1-½” from the first crease.
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Put Armor on Frame - part 1 Remove the legs from the mounting block. Slip the marker holder through the slot in the poster board. Wrap the poster board around the back of the Droid. Determine how long the poster board needs to be so that it can be attached to the mounting block right above the proximity sensor and power Bits. Trim excess poster board.
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Put Armor on Frame - part 2 Curve the other end of poster board around the mounting block. Trim excess poster board so that it can be attached to the mounting block right below the proximity sensor and power Bits. Cut a slot for the battery cord to fit through.
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Put Armor on Frame - part 3 Tape poster board to mounting block.
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Add Sticker Decals to Legs Add red sticker decals to the Droid’s legs (we used a few of the stickers that came in the kit).
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Reattach Legs Reattach the Droid’s legs to the mounting block. Add red sticker decals to the Droid’s head (we used a few of the stickers that came in the kit).
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Reconnect to App Reconnect the control hub Bit to the littleBits Inventor App (see Step 8).
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FPD-1 Ready for Duty Place a bowl of food in front of the Droid. FPD-1 is now ready to guard and protect your food. If he detects someone trying to steal your food, he’ll start sounding his alarm and spinning his arms.
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