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Gift for mommy!

by luli

Published on July 11, 2015

A handmade gift for my mommy! Flowers, heart, and blinking lights for the party.

Credits: My dad! (@drthuler)

How To Make It


Prepare the flowers: cut the red pet bottle to make the tulip and fix it at the stick with glue.


Prepare the heart: cut styrofoam and decorate with collor paper.


The base: use a card box and fix inside a piece of styrofoam to help positioning the flowers, dc motor and leds


Connect the circuit: power to arduino and each arduino output to a pair of leds, another pair of leds and DC motor. Arduino is used just for blink all output asynchronously.


Final assembly: fix the heart at DC motor and all circuit and then cover the box with green paper (grass).


More decorations: express all your love!

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