Gingerbread Hack

by littleBits

Published on November 11, 2014

Bring your gingerbread house to life with light and motion! Bitify this classic holiday craft with a bright LED and vibration motor to create an interactive and festive diorama.

This gingerbread house circuit is triggered by sound. Whenever it hears a noise, the sound trigger activates the bright LED and the vibration motor. The bright LED illuminates a shadow screen in the window, casting cheery shadows. The vibration motor lives beneath a snowman and makes him dance.

Make your own with the Gingerbread Hack Holiday Pack.

How To Make It


Build your circuit : Power + Sound Trigger + Bright LED + Wire + Vibration Motor. Adjust your sound trigger’s sensitivity with the purple screwdriver, and ensure your circuit stays together by adding adhesive shoes.


Make a gingerbread house! Be sure to include a window when you build; this will serve as your shadow screen. Also make sure that your gingerbread house is accessible so you can access your circuit inside. We made ours open up from the roof. Also make sure that the house is big enough to fit your circuit.


Make a simple shelf out of foam core or cardboard to mount your circuit on. You will want to make sure that the bright LED is positioned so that it shines out the window you made in your gingerbread house. Use adhesive shoes to stick the circuit to the shelf. With the wire, you will also want to route the vibration motor to the outside of the house.


Make a shadow screen. Cut out a piece of tissue paper (or white printer paper) at least a ½” larger than your window in either direction. Affix this to your window from the inside of the gingerbread house with tape or glue.


Next, use scissors or craft knife to cut out figures out of cardboard that will cast shadows. Our figures were reindeer! Place the figures in front of the window screen you just made so that when the bright LED shines, they cast a shadow through the window screen. You can either tape the figures in place or make another small foamcore shelf for them to sit on by the window.


Make a dancing snowman. Glue two polystyrene balls together. We sanded dime-sized circles on the sides of the balls so that they fit together nicely. Then decorate the snowman to your liking.


Make a snowman pedestal to keep your snowman standing upright. Cut a ½” section from a toilet paper roll (decorate as well). Glue this stand to the bottom of your snowman. Then, cut a small notch in the base of the snowman for the vibration motor puck to sit in. To make him dance, simply place the snowman on top of the vibration motor.

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