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by Astghik

Published on March 5, 2017

A butterfly with fiber optic wings. It flutters it's wings and glows in the dark. 

I used a servo to flap the wings and a light sensor to detect the darkness.

The color effects are made using a 3 color LED, LED driver and Arduino bit. 

Duration: 8h

How To Make It


The Butterfly Wings 1. Print out butterfly wings on a paper (of the shape and size of your choice) 2. Trace the wings with 3D ink (cold ink). Do not dry them yet. 3. Put the fiber optic wires one by one, so one end stick a bit out from the ink. See how I am doing that in the picture. 4. Dry out the 3D ink.
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The Mechanics It is hard to give step by step instructions for the mechanical part, but we have built the attached mechanism using copper wires and hot glue to attach it to the wings. I hope the posted pictures can help you to build the same.
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The Electronics and the Code Please check out the materials section for the model of LED driver, check out the attached Arduino code and the schematics. Please also find a picture attached that shows the actual components connected.
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