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by MrKindergarten

Published on June 21, 2017

My elementary makerspace students remixed the Ultimate Shootout by adding sound and additional visuals to the LED matrix. I think it's a winner!

Duration: 30-60 minutes

How To Make It


Circuit For this remix begin by building the Ultimate Shootout circuit, but with the addition of the speaker on "OUT 2". Due to the size of the goal and how we constructed the backboard, it was easier to simply rest the speaker on top of the goal. However, simple modifications to your design may allow the speaker to be attached to the board, or even affixed to the back.


Code Just a few modifications are needed to remix the code on this invention. The score keeping is all set, so don't mess with those blocks! The pink tone blocks allow you to create whatever melody you would like following a goal. Get creative! Add the LED matrix screen block after the tone blocks. Any image or text can be included. You can also designate how long the image remains with the orange timing block.
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Create Now that the circuit is build and the code is uploaded, it's time to grab the Lego bricks and build. We began with the backboard since it needed to attach to securely, but swing freely in order to activate the push button. We used a long Technic piece and twist tied it to the board, but many options are possible. A goal keeper is optional, but recommended, because minifigures are rad. After that it's all about creativity! Want an interstellar themed soccer game? Grab a space minifigure and some black bricks and consider it done! Knights, ninjas, firefighters, or any other theme you can imagine is just a little creative construction away.

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