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Grandma's Pill Box

by JackANDJude

Published on July 23, 2014

This cloud module gadget is set to remind Grandma to take her pills at four specific times a day and email me as a backup reminder.

  • If she presses the button within 4-5 minutes of hearing the buzzer, nothing needs to be done.

  • If she doesn't take her pills and press the button within 4-5 minutes, then the "Call Me" sign will light up and the cloud module will send me an email. I will call Grandma to see if she is ok.

  • If it is not reminder time, Grandma has the option of pressing the button; the "Call Me" sign will light up and cloud will send me an email.  

How To Make It


This long circuit requires two power sources, and two double AND's, which I am referring to as AND #1 and AND #2.

Assemble the 9 volt battery + p1 power + button + long led + OR + latch + AND #1 + wire + long led + AND #2 +cloud + split 

Attach one end of split to buzzer + timeout (off-on) + long led + AND #1

Attach the other end of split to OR

Attach p3 USB power to AND #2.  This will give the cloud it's own power source.  Now you can change around the inputs before the cloud without changing the cloud led color.

Create a recipe in IFTTT: IF littleBits cloud THEN email.
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Use mounting boards to keep the whole circuit together. Make a project box from cardboard or corrugated plastic or use a good sized box in your recycling bin. Attach the mounting boards to the box with glue dots, kitchen ties or string.
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Cut holes for the button and buzzer, and another to show the cloud indicator led. My button is not flush with the box top, so I attached a taller piece of plastic to the button with velcro.  Poke holes in the box top with a sharp pen and push the long led's into the holes so that they emerge some and are snug.

To fasten the box closed, I used two brads with a rubberband between the two.  I unhook the rubberband from one brad when I want to open the box. 
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Test your circuit.
Set state: "OK" This is the led after the timeout. If the OK led is lit and the cloud indicator is green, then the circuit is ready and waiting for input. Press "Test Signal" on the cloud module webpage: The buzzer will sound for 3 seconds, and the OK light will turn off for your timeout setting, which for mine is 4-5 minutes. Press button one time, firmly, within 4-5 minutes. The "I did it" led will light momentarily and nothing else will occur. After 4-5 minutes, the OK light will turn on again.

Press "Test Signal" again. This time, do not press the button on time. At the end of the timeout, the "Call Me" sign will light up and an email will be sent. To reset the circuit to "OK", you can press the button late or press the "Test Signal" again.

Once the OK set state is back, go ahead and press the button even though the timeout is not triggered. The "Call Me" sign will light and an email will be sent.
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Glue plastic bottlecaps above the led's and glue paper circles with signs written on them. Decorate the box however you like!
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Add more IFTTT recipes. I used IF Date/Time THEN littleBits cloud.
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I put Grandma's pill box next to her favorite chair in the living room. This is where she watches her favorite shows and eats most of her meals. Where would you put your reminder circuit?
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