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Grasping hand

by Carmen Wimba

Published on March 2, 2016

It´s a simple prototype of a opening and closing hand made with cardboard, thread and littleBits. It has been used to show children how a robotic hand would work.

Duration: 45 min

Credits: Made with the help of Beatriz, teacher in Wimba Academy

How To Make It


Drawing your hand Put your hand on a cardboard sheet and mark its perimeter with a pen. Then, cut it with scissors
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Articulating the hand Make little holes in the cardboard: one hole at the end of each finger, a pair of holes at the middle, and another pair of holes at the parte of the finger that joins the hand. Then, pass the thread through the holes.
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Attaching the servo Take all the threads and knot together to the servo arm. Be sure the servo arm will oscillate from the nearest position respect the fingers to the opposite one
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Electronics Glue a wood stick to the hand and fix the servo and the other littlebits to it

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