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Grind & Brew Cloud Start

by macinspires

Published on January 11, 2015

Our coffee maker takes whole beans, grinds them up and makes us our coffee. After you fill the beans we used to hit a start button to initiate the grind and brew... Now we hit the purple button on our phone from bed!

Used a cloud bit and servo attached to the coffee maker with sticky tack and hot glue.

How To Make It


Connect cloudBit to usb power and setup to communicate with the littleBits Cloud app on your phone or tablet.


Connect the cloudBit to a servo.


Apply a generous amount of sticky tack to the legs of the bits, connecting them together.


Push the bits and the sticky tack into the coffee maker.


Use the single arm for the servo and test it's direction and alignment of the arm such that it will hit the switch once it's glued on. Make sure to turn off your coffee maker while doing this.


Once you find a good place to glue the servo and have the arm aligned, use a dab of hot glue on the servo and place the servo in the correct place for the arm to hit the start button once activated.


Load your coffee maker and enjoy!

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