Halloween Hack - Motion & Light

by jenteach

Published on November 3, 2017

Students were provided with a variety of Halloween-themed items. They were given a choice of which group they wanted to join: Motion, Light, Motion & Light. Working collaboratively with the other students that made the same selection, students selected the items they wanted to work with and then began inventing!

This is the motion & light group. They selected a cauldron, skeleton, spider webs, and foam decorating pieces. Their "hack" was to light up the potion in the cauldron and have the witch stiring this potion with a skeleton, both using their littleBits.

How To Make It


Students used the foam pieces of the jack-o-lantern making kit to build their witch.


The bargraph littleBits were placed in the bottom of the cauldron and then covered with the spider webbing.


The witch was tapped to the cauldron.


The plastic skeleton was attached to the servo and then taped to the witch's hand.

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