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Halloween Prank

by GemmaD

Published on October 27, 2015

This halloween gag is basically a gross tarantula moving via remote.  It can be under something or in a random place and operated from another place to make it extra surprising.

How To Make It


How to build spider prank with remote - Remote Control First, the remote has it's power, then add a slide dimmer (controls the spider), then add a wireless transmitter on channel B. All of these are on a board.


Spider platform Use another board to add the following. First, power. Second, Wireless Receiver on Channel B, and then servo. Place spider on top of Servo arm with a rubber band or something to attach spider.


Control the Spider with the Remote Because the remote works with the receiver, the spider can move when you aren't around.. Which makes it easy to prank anyone with a huge spider or whatever you want on the arm. Slide the dimmer to control the spider.