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HandHeld Auto Hyper Knocker using MakeBlock Rails

by crusssmith

Published on April 12, 2015

To demonstrate how to use LittleBits with the MakeBlock parts system, I built this pulsing servo to use as a door knocker.  It goes knock knock knock:  slower, slow, normal, quick, hurried, fast, and hyper.  You want someone to come running to answer a door, this is the tool.  I was thinking about some type of sandpaper on the disc for a percussion instrument, but a handheld knocker sounded so right.  So, here's a USB battery, usb power, button, EL wire, oscillator (square wave), and servo bits all strapped onto a MakeBlock frame.  The MakeBlock rails when assembled three wide hold (most) littlebits modules perfectly.  Exceptions being: modules with input/outputs on top/bottom.
I mounted more MakeBlock parts so it stands up.
As I was knocking around, I figured it could be used for more fun.     

How To Make It


Place three MakeBlock rails together with screws or zip-ties.


Place LittleBits modules into rails. Secure with rubber bands.


Attach flat plate to hold forward servo rails onto handheld rails.


Screw servo into rails, mount plate and arm. Big red knob optional..

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