Handphone Holder

by LB SG

Published on April 23, 2014

Something simple and useful for you to place your mobile phone in!

How To Make It


Make the basic shape of a holder using plasticine. *other materials can be used to form your holder as well! eg. cardboard, ice cream sticks etc. whatever you like and is able to be crafted into a basic squarish shape at the base.


With some additional plasticine, form the back of the holder so that the phone will not fall out and has something to lean upon. — in Singapore.


Circuit: Power + Pressure Sensor + Wire + Bargraph.


Make sure the pressure sensor is at the bottom and bargraph can be seen at the side. Use tape to secure it if needed.


Place your handphone in.


If there is no light on the bargraph, simply place some plasticine (or similar materials such as cotton etc, materials of same weight) Not too much, just a little teeny bit will do. May adjust it as you try it out to you get the most comfortable level so that the lights will lit up!light weight) on top of the pressure sensor.


The lights on the bargraph lights up when the phone is placed on top of the pressure sensor!

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