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Happy Birthday LittleBits

by KennaMenna_

Published on September 15, 2016

For Daniel Oldfield and myself, McKenna Feyh's, invention, we created a Happy Birthday Piano. We connected the Makey Makey Bits to the laptop and we set up garage band. We remapped certain keys on the Makey Makey Bits controller to have all the correct notes to play Happy Birthday through garage band. Daniel Oldfield, my partner, did a lot of the rewiring and I helped him with the remapping of the keys. We then put tinfoil around a yard stick to act as the keys and I memorized how to play Happy Birthday. We hope you have a great fifth birthday LittleBits!

Duration: 25 Minutes

How To Make It


Happy Birthday Piano We created a prototype of our Happy Birthday piano with a ruler and quarters and and the Makey Makey bits. We were unsure of how to remap the keys so we had to take apart our prototype over fifteen times. With quite a bit of trial and error, and help by someone who actually played the piano, we figured out what keys we required and I (McKenna Feyh) memorized how to play the song. We made a final product with a yard stick and tin foil keys, setting up a much more organized version of the prototype. The final product is what you will see in out video.

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