Happy New Year

by spdawson

Published on April 23, 2014

Create a blinking Happy New Year sign to help celebrate the new year! 

Credits: Scott and Alexander Dawson

How To Make It


Shape the light wire, using scotch tape to fasten it to the board as you go, into the message you'd like to have on the display. Depending on your letter size, you may be able to get 4-6 characters.


Use the electrical tape to cover any parts of the light wire that aren't part of each letter shape.


Snap the pulse module onto the light wire.


Snap the light sensor onto the pulse module.


Snap the power module onto the light sensor.


Turn off the lights, and ensure that the light sensor is adjusted for the new level of light in the room.


Use the screwdriver to adjust the pulse module to get your desired blink rate.

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