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Harry Potter Little Bits Lesson Challenge: Wizards, Witches & Wonders

by 21ststacy

Published on December 1, 2016

Fourth graders are challenged to recreate their favorite Harry Potter scene or book cover and incorporate LittleBits to enhance the representation of their creations.

Duration: Five Hours

Credits: Mrs. Rainbow's 4th Grade Class

How To Make It


Brainstorm Design teams work in partners to brainstorm their favorite Harry Potter scene or decide which Harry Potter book cover they would like to recreate. This may require some research.
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Commit to a Design Once design team partners have committed to a design, it is time to put it to paper so that teams have a blueprint from which to work. This phase of the process should also include where the LittleBits will operate. This as well as the necessary supplies should be indicated in your blueprints as well.
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Build Now that we have a design and have put it to paper, it is time to get building. To ensure you have the necessary supplies, check the supply list on your blueprints with the materials that are available to you in the Idea Lab. Begin shaping your cardboard and taping it as necessary to secure the intended design. Consider where your LittleBits should "live" within your design to create as aesthetically pleasing a design as possible.
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Attach the Bits Begin installing the LittleBits according to your design. Make sure you do not leave the power on when not in use to avoid draining your batteries.
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Get Creative Make your creation beautiful. Using markers, colored paper, and other crafty supplies, be sure to add the finishing touches to your Harry Potter design.
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Test It Out Be sure to test your creation. We will be presenting these via video so we want to be sure everything is in working order.
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