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Harry Potter Magic Diary

by JackANDJude

Published on May 10, 2015

If someone tries to open this magic diary when the snake eye is lit, a buzzer will sound.  Use the magic wand or a household remote control to play parselmouth on the mp3 player and open the diary.

Change the decorations and mp3 files to create a totally differently themed alarm box.  Some theme ideas: "Harriet the Spy", Pirates, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", Fairy Tales.  What's great about designing your own electronic toys is that you can personalize it to your particular interests.

How To Make It


Assemble the circuit power + split: A&B
A: remote trigger + branch or split: C&D
B: roller switch + double AND
C: mp3 player (once) + speaker
D: latch + long led + double AND
Attach a pulse and buzzer to the the output bitsnap of the double AND.
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Fit the circuit in the box Arrange the circuit inside a hinged box. Add a couple wires to the circuit so the remote trigger and roller switch can be on the edge of the box. Attach them there with sticky shoes or brick adapters and legos. I hot glued flat Legos to the side of the box.
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Poke holes in the box Find a spot on the left edge of the front of the box to poke a hole for the long led. Allow slack on the long led to prevent it from popping out of the hole when the box is open. Set the roller switch and remote trigger somewhere on the edge. Poke a small hole in the front of the box so infrared light from a remote control can reach the remote trigger.


mp3 file Add a short clip of sound or music to your mp3 player, following the mp3 tips and tricks page: http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks/tips-tricks-mp3-player
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False bottom Cut out a false bottom from thin cardboard. Turn on the circuit, cover it with the false bottom, and close the box. Use a household remote control to set the alarm. An mp3 file will play and the long led will stay on. Now if you open the box, the buzzer will sound! Turn off the alarm with a remote control or make your own.
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Make a wand Build this wand circuit on a brick adapter and attach to a stick with rubber bands: power + button + wire + ir led
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Decorate and play Decorate the front of the box and journal with craft supplies. Have fun with your magic diary! :)
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