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Harry Potter wand

by Deb Goetjen

Published on January 5, 2017

This wand can magically cause the Harry Potter theme song to begin playing when you wave the wand and light up the tip!

Designed and invented by 6th graders: Akhil V., Aidan C., Vivan G., and Rishi G.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

How To Make It


Harry Potter's Magical Wand This invention is a wand that "magically" makes the Harry Potter theme song begin to play! It is made up of 2 sets of Little Bits; one is the wand that lights up and vibrates, and the other set of bits plays the Harry Potter theme song from the mp3 player bit's disk, when the light sensor is triggered by the wand.


Build the Wand 1. Connect the power bit to the battery and cable. 2. Color the two dowels dark brown using the brown marker. 3. Attach the power bits, cable and battery to the dowel, with the battery at one end, and rubber band the battery to the dowels. Then use another rubber band or pipe cleaners to hold the cable to the dowels. 4. Attach a button bit, then a long wire bit, then an orange connector wire bit, then the vibration bit and tape or rubber band them all to the dowels. 5. Attach the long led bit to the vibration bit so that it sticks out from the end of the towels and rubber band or tape it to stay on dowels. 6. Wrap the dowels and bits in brown tissue paper or however you want to decorate your wand.
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Build the Music Maker 1. Copy the Harry Potter theme song (or other song you want) audio file to the mp3 player's micro disk. 2. Connect the power bit to the battery and cable. 3. Attach an orange wire bit to the power bit. Then attach a second orange wire bit to the first wire bit. 4. Attach the light sensor bit to the wire bit. 5. Attach the mp3player bit to the light sensor bit. 6. Then attach the synth speaker bit to the mp3 player bit. Turn up the volume as loud as you can. 7. Cover the power bit with cardboard or paper to dim the red light it gives off so it doesn't trigger the light sensor when you turn the power on.


Magically Make Music Play! 1. Now go in a room with very little light and turn on the power to both sets of bits. 2. Then put the music maker bits behind or under something to hide them, but make sure the light sensor bit is able to sense the light from the wand. Keep the power bit as far away from the light sensor as possible, or cover it with paper to dim the light it gives off. In our video, we hid the music maker bits behind a computer monitor on a stand and pointed the wand toward the monitor down by the stand where there was a gap so the light sensor could detect the light the wand gave off. 3. Now push the button bit to light up the wand and voila...music starts playing!
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