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Help me, Bitsters! You're my only hope! #BitWars

by JackANDJude

Published on November 18, 2015

Use these cool lighting and sound effects for your next viewing party!

Princess Leia is projected with the Colored Shadows Art setup. Her plea for help is echoed from the MP3 player through a filter, delay and speaker. 

Make your own Star Wars scene with bits and submit to the holiday Bit Wars Challenge.

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

How To Make It


Modify the Colored Shadows Art Project Use the Colored Shadows Art project as is and add a second circuit (pictured): power + mp3 player + wire + filter + delay + speaker

OR make it all one circuit: power + branch + mp3 player + wire + filter + delay + speaker + wire + [ rgb led (red) + rgb led (green) + rgb led (blue) ] + wire + slide dimmer + wire + dc motor

Making a craft box is optional - feel free to find your own way to mount the DC motor, and try projecting shadows to your walls, ceiling, canvas, etc.
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Cut Out Princess Leia Trace this Princess Leia image onto cardstock, using your iPad as a light box.  Move the cardstock to a cutting board and cut out all the white parts, using an xacto knife. Fold extra paper so the bottom of your figure fits snug onto the motorMate.
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MP3 File Save "Help Me Bitster.mp3" from the Additional Files section of this project onto your MP3 player's micro SD card, following instructions on the Tips & Tricks: MP3 Player: http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks/tips-tricks-mp3-player ... I used the buttons on the MP3 player to play the mp3; you could add any sensor you like.


Turn off the lights, and turn on your circuit! Turn off the lights, and turn on your circuit! Adjust the filter and delay until the echoes sound exactly how you like. Try leaving this on for your viewing party!

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