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Holographical Cup

by yogasnaredrummer

Published on March 11, 2017

Creates the illusion of a glowing cup

Duration: 5 minutes

How To Make It


Assemble the circuit: Connect the p1 power bit to the w19 split. Place w30 BLE Bits on both of the splits. Add an o13 fan to one and a o9 bargraph to the other. Attach everything except the fan and battery to the mounting board.
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Use foil to create a fin with the shiny side out and tape to the center of the fan blade.
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Turn on the power to the circuit. Open the app and select Bit Controls and create a Custom Control. Connect to either w30 BLE, click Control Your Bits, select the Slider. Click Add Bit and do the same for the second w30 BLE. Then click run. Start playing! One slide will control the brightness of the lights using the bar graph. The other controls how fast or slow the fan will spin.
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Take everything to a dark place (like a bathroom) and work the sliders in the app. Have fun!
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