ULTIMATE REMIX CHALLENGE: Host a Gizmos & Gadgets Workshop

by emily_littlebits

Published on October 13, 2015

Hey there. Are you looking to run a workshop with your new Gizmos & Gadgets Kit[s]? Look no further! This post outlines how to run a Gizmos & Gadgets [GGK] Ultimate Remix Challenge Workshop and all you need to make it happen. 

This workshop is all about REMIX, the idea of initially creating something, then taking it apart or switching out a few things, and creating something new and/or improved… or just totally wacky! This workshop has three stages, each which take about 30 minutes.

1. CREATE & PLAY: Teams follow instructions and build a project from the GGK booklet. In this stage, participants become familiar with the littleBits system and project making.

2. REMIX: Teams exchange their projects and are prompted to REMIX the one they receive. This is the meat of the challenge. The goal is to really transform the first project into something new and/or improved. The more epic the remix, the better!

3. DOCUMENT & SHARE: Teams document their process and final projects, present to the other teams, and share on the project page.

As always, we prompt you to REMIX this workshop and share your version on the littleBits project page ;).

Players: This workshop works best in group settings with about 15-20 people.

Suggested Kits: Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Age: Fun for all ages!

Duration: 1-2 hours

How To Make It



Set out Kits and extra materials. For 15-20 people, we used 5 GGKs.

For extra materials, we recommend: tape, scissors, phillips-head screwdrivers, cardboard boxes, a variety of decorating supplies, random props & objects, bubble solution and a bubble blowing basin.

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SPLIT UP INTO SMALL GROUPS [~5min] Teams of 2-4 work great. You can have teams self assemble or have participants count off in order to mix it up. Team members should introduce themselves to one another. Feel free to drop an icebreaker activity in here.

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GET FAMILIAR WITH THE GIZMOS & GADGETS KIT [~10min] Open the box and check out all the contents. If participants are brand new to littleBits, have each team assemble the starter circuit on page 2 of the GGK booklet and go over littleBits basics.

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CREATE & PLAY [~30min]

Have each team choose a project from the booklet to make, and then start creating it. If any teams finish early, prompt them to spend more time customizing their creation and playing with it.

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EXCHANGE PROJECTS When all the teams have finished building their projects, it is time to exchange them. Have each team pass the project they made [and the kit they were using] to the group to their left. Every team should now have a new project.

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REMIX! [~30min] Now for the fun part! Task each team to remix the project they received. They should play with the project to see how it works and then get down to business. Teams can use the community challenge prompts from the GGK booklet or they can put their own spin on the remix. The goal is to transform, improve upon, or re-contextualize the project.

Ideas for Remix prompts:
- What happens if you reorient the project? Does it become something else. For example, when flipped on it’s side, the Rotolamp becomes a Spin Roller.
- What if the circuit is placed in a different context? Ask participants to fill in the blanks with their own people and places: "How would use this at < the Store, at the Train Station, at Work>"
- Try swapping some Bits. How does this change the functionality?
- How can you improve upon the project you received? Play around with it and think about things you might want to add. For example, if you received a Bitbot, what else could it do? Deliver snacks to someone across the room, act as a roaming mini-golfer, or draw robotic masterpieces like this Drawbot?

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SHARE Have each team present their remix. They should talk about the project they received and how they transformed it into something new and/or improved. If you want, you can bring in a neutral judge to choose who remixed it best. Silly prizes are welcomed ;).

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DOCUMENT & UPLOAD [~30min] Have each team document their project with videos and photos. Then have them upload their projects to the littleBits project page.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT Nothing goes better with GGK than snacks!

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For for informations about how the Bits work, check out the Bit index in the back of the GGK booklet.

For more in depth information about running a littleBits workshop, check out the littleBits Workshop Guide.

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