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Illuminating Pineapple

by BONEVET Gjakova

Published on February 9, 2017

Etor has now an illuminating Pineapple lamp. As wierd as it sounds and looks he is now illuminating his room with this pineapple lamp :)

After Etor finished the littleBits class at BONEVET, he decided to make something that will help him everyday and remaind him that littleBits is his everyday life.

Now he wants to share his project with littleBits community, in the steps below and in the photos you can see how you can create this amazing lamp.

Duration: 1 h

How To Make It


The pineapple Etor found some transparent plastic spoons, and cut the tips. Then he glued the tips of the spoons to a plastic bottle facing upside down. After all the spoon where glued to the bottle, he painted them with yellow acrylic color. For the leafs he drew some shapes in a green paper, then cut them to glue them to the bottle.


The lamp stand For the lamp stand Etor took a wood stick and glued it to a piece of wood. Also for the pineapple stand he cut out some cardboard to a circle bigger than the pineapple and glued it to the other side of the wood stick.


The Circuit The Bits that Etor used to make the circuit were Power bit to take the energy from the battery, the Light sensor bit to check when its dark so that it triggers other bits, Wire and Split to expand the circuit and to separated it into two and two Bright LEDs to make beautiful bright light.

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