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Imperial Seeker Droid : ID10

by mmalpartida

Published on September 6, 2017

We wanted to make a Droid that could “fly” and help out its owner on their missions.  My daughters saw an upcoming Star Wars game in which their was a woman soldier that had her own spy Droid.


ID10 is an infiltration Droid used by the Imperial Empire to sabotage and conduct reconnaissance missions.


There were a number of challenges we faced:


  • There are limited images of that particular Droid, so that made it harder to see the details of the Droid

  • How do we make it “fly/float”

  • How to make it with common crafting materials so others could make it as well

  • How do we go about giving it the ability to dock/attach to the owners armor.

Duration: 4 hours

How To Make It


Get Inspired Find a Droid that is interesting and unique. The Star Wars universe has a large collection of unique characters so please explore the materials available (comic books, video games, movies, cartoons, Wookieepedia, etc). Our character is from the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II game by Electronic Arts.
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Analyze/Design We first looked at ID10 in the game trailer and via screen shots online. What were the basic shapes that he looked to be made of? To us it looked like he was made of two large bowls, the one on top turned upside down over another. The kids also said he looked like a jellyfish so we needed to make sure his legs would be able to be flexible and posable.
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Gather materials Since the Droid is black we searched for black plastic picnicwear so there would be less painting involved. :) One of his eyes looked like a telescope with a protruding optic piece so we combined half of a plastic ornament sphere and a cardboard tube we kept from the center of the paper towel bundle. To make his eyes reflect light we used plastic gems and red mylar foil tissue. The materials were obtained via arts and crafts stores and the plastic plates were from Amazon though you can probably find them at a party store as well. For safety use machine screws. We obtained ours from the local hardware store.
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Create body The body is made up of 2 large plastic plates, a smaller plate and the lower portion of a plastic bowl. Largest plate: 10.25 inches Second largest: 9 inches Small plate: 6 inches Bowl: 12oz Cut the edges so they all look flat. Stack to form one half and mirror that to form the other. Feel free to experiment to create your own style.
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Make the Eyes/Sensor Optics The main eye is made with half of a transparent plastic Christmas ornament. The body of the eye is created using a cardboard tube. The inner part of the eye and the secondary eye is comprised of clear plastic from a badge making kit and red mylar foil tissue. All components were cut and glued with both hot glue and crafting glue. We added the colored gems to represent the other optics/lights around its body and a white foam triangle which we saw in one screenshot.
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Paint/Seal We used black acrylic paint for color where needed and a coating of Mod Podge for protection and to have a glossy look. We also used black tape as latches between the upper head and lower body components.
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Create Antenna array The antennas are made from one piece of a wooden dowel cut into two. We added a cut into the head area and hot glued each one. We then glued the small flag looking part (crafting foam) to the longer antenna.
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Make the arms/legs Taking a stack of crafting sticks, we taped them together and then using the power drill proceeded to make holes in either end. Since the sticks were very thin this was challenging which is how we came up with putting them in a stack and then using the ones that worked out best. We cut 4 ends to make the leg mounting points. We then glued the mounting points to the body. Then using machine screws, attached the legs to each other and to the mounting points. Using thin machine screws we attached the Droid arms from the kit to the wooden ones.
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Add circuit The circuit is comprised of the control hub Bit and a power Bit. Using the littleBits Droid Inventor App we were able to play sounds on demand. Future iterations will include further enhancements via other Bits.
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Test/Troubleshoot Before filming we were thinking of ways to make it look like it was flying/hovering and ended up using a thin plastic cord but fishing line would work just as well if not better. ID10 also kept falling off our daughters back so we added some more magnets and a stabilizer block (piece of cardboard) to help spread out the weight. We also needed to add more tape "latches" around so both halves of the unit so it wouldnt open up when we least expected.
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Cosplay (optional) My eldest daughter wanted to act out missions with the Droid so we worked on making the costume that ID10 could also attach to like in the game using magnets. The costume was made from crafting foam and coated with Mod Podge.
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