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Invent A Chance Machine

by Chloe

Published on October 8, 2015

You are now the master of the universe, and will decide everything by chance.  Create an invention that will assist you with this ginormous task.  Roll some dice, flip a coin, or remix a fortune teller to get inspired.

1. Scavenge through your old board games to find materials with the right magic powers. Dice, spinners and playing cards have all got ‘em. Add some other weird stuff, like plastic bottles or pancakes to the mix. Get creative!

2. Fool around with each gizmo to get a sense of how you might use it. Dice can roll, bottles can be thrown over, pancakes can be flipped.

3. Add a little chance to an everyday situation. Could it be a fortune teller to decide whether you should play Minecraft this afternoon? Sounds like a good idea. And mom can’t mess with what the universe tells you to do, right?

4. To complete the challenge, take a video of yourself using your new invention and explaining how you made it. The video should be 30+ seconds.  Use the hashtag #InventAChance in the title to participate in this design challenge.

5. Bonus points for inventing something with a friend, a sibling, your parents or pet!

Duration: 30 mins